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TradeYourTrip guarantees your trip

Guarantees from TradeYourTrip

TradeYourTrip checks the trip for authenticity and transferability with the tour operator
Through secure connection (SSL) payment and protection of your personal information
Payment through trusted intermediary (Adyen), with popular payment methods:  
            MasterCard & Visa Card  

100% Money Back Guarantee: Should the transfer fail for any reason
Seller will only be paid out when trip of the buyer has begun

Guarantees of the trip itself

The guarantees of the tour operators concerned will continue to apply, despite the resale of a consumer's journey.

Transferservice TradeYourTrip

TradeYourTrip provides you with the transfer from seller to buyer
We provide carefree transfer of the names to the relevant tour operator
We provide your travel documents.

Process of the marketplace

1: Seller offers his trip
2: TradeYourTrip checks the trip on authenticity
3: TradeYourTrip creates the advertisement and puts the trip online
4: Buyer buys the trip via secure connection
5: TradeYourTrip enables the transfer of the trip from the seller to the buyer
6: The buyer receives the trip confirmation
7: The seller will be paid at departure of the buyer.