Ben je van plan om je vakantie te annuleren?

Holidays booked without cancellation insurance

I booked a trip but could not go

Don't cancel, Sell! Re-selling your holiday instead of cancelling can save you a lot of money. Especially when you don't have a cancellation insurance. Check with our sell checker if it is more beneficial to cancel or to sell your holiday.

When I cancel my holiday without cancellation insurance, I have lost all my money

When you cancel a trip without cancellation insurance, you have lost all your money. Sometimes a trip has cost thousands of euros and you have to save it a long time. That makes it extra sour when you can not go. It would be nice if you could resell your trip rather than cancel. But can you?

Consumers often don't know that they can resell their holiday based on European - and UK law.

A lot of consumers don't know that they can resell their holiday. It is even stated in the law that you are allowed to resell your holiday. Instead of cancel it, you can sell your trip, which means you will save a lot of money.

Do not cancel your trip, but resell it on TradeYourTrip

Did you book a trip without insurance and can't go? Don't cancel your holiday. Put your trip for sale at TradeYourTrip's Marketplace. When someone buys your trip, you still get money. If canceled, you have lost all your money.

Which trips can I resell?

There are a lot of trips you are allowed to resell. You can resell a package holiday, hotel accommodation, holiday houses, chalet en even a cruise. Even all-inclusive booked holidays with well-known tour operators like TUI, ThomasCook can be offered for sale on our website.

Sell your trip on TradeYourTrip

Click sell trip to instantly sell your trip on our website. Here are various trips for sale that would otherwise be canceled. Do you have questions about the possibilities for resale? Call our customer care at +31-(0)23-2052 433 or ask your questions via chat.