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About us


TradeYourTrip was born out of our own frustration, when we had to cancel our Christmas holiday and lost our money. We realized that the tour operator re-sold our canceled holiday to another person and gained additional profits at the expense of the traveler. European package holiday law, which protects travelers since 1990, allows consumers to re-sell their own holiday to other people. This enables travelers to recoup their holiday budget: "You can transfer your booking to another person, if you can't go." TradeYourTrip is the marketplace for exchanging holidays between travelers. TradeYourTrip helps travelers, who have to cancel their holidays and relieves them of all administrative - and legal issues in the substitution of one person to another person.


About us

TradeYourTrip helps aggrieved consumers to re-sell their holiday and save money. We can help you already with package holidays, hotel rooms and cruises. We fight for your right to also re-sell single airline tickets. You can help us by showing your support to us at Manifesto. We are fighting for the right of the traveler to re-sell his holidays, if he can't go. And we offer buyers real last minute holidays at competitive prices.


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